Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Runway Beauty D.I.Y.: Louis Vuitton

On Louis Vuitton's spring runway, the beauty look was all glitz and glam, augmenting the chinioserie chic and flapperific dresses.  High drama, rendered in shimmer and shine...what's not to love?  The deep aubergine eye and glossy wine lip is definitely an evening look, but it is still wearable.  In real life, I would probably pair the heavy eye with a minimal lip, or vice versa.

This look requires a fully equipped makeup arsenal, BUT you can easily make substitutions (as I had to do) to achieve a similar effect.  I began with a matte foundation finish, devoid of any blush, bronzer, or shimmer.  I prepped my eyelids with a primer, then applied a thin line of black liquid eye liner on the inner rims of my eyes.  Next, I applied a burgundy eye shadow to my crease line, and blended up to just under my brow.  I applied the same color under my lower lashes.  Then I took a shimmery gold shadow and applied it heavily to the inner half of my lid, and blended it out to meet the burgundy shadow.  The burgundy shadow did not give my eye enough depth, so I layered on a dark plum to further contour my eye area, using it just in the crease, outer corner, and under my eye.  Next, I brushed a shimmery white gold shadow into the inner corner to brighten the eye.  Finally, I applied mascara.  I had to get creative for my lips, because I do not own a shade comparable to the deep Vuitton color.  I applied a sheer wine lipstick as heavily as possible, then blended dark plum eye shadow and clear gloss to finish it off.

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