Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Rings on Her Fingers

Besides mixing and stacking, I have never considered wearing rings to be a real styling opportunity.  I love a good cocktail ring, but I usually keep my ring style pretty simple.  That is about to change. On the umpteen fashion blogs that I follow, there is one trend that has caught my eye that I can't stop thinking about, involving, you guessed it, rings.

Well, it's actually a two-part trend. 

First, there is the above-the-knuckle ring.  I love this, because you can take a ring that you ordinarily wear on your ring finger, move it over to above the knuckle of your index finger, and voila!  A completely new look.  The style looks amazing when another ring of the same style/size is worn just below the knuckle of the same finger.  I am obsessed!  The ultimate ring designed for this style is the Repossi Barbere.  Unfortunately, it costs an arm and a leg.  I am on the hunt for a knockoff.

The second ring style involves wearing one ring on each of your fingers.  I have been eyeing this Maison Martin Margiela ring set for a while, but a cheaper alternative is buying 4 of the same wide band ring, and creating your own set.

Another option is combining the two styles...why not?  A couple below-the-knuckle rings here, a couple above-the-knuckle rings there, and you have something totally unique and cool.

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