Monday, February 21, 2011

Fall 2011 Fashion Week: New York

New York Fashion Week has flown by, and London Fashion Week is already halfway over.  Fashion stops for no one!  In New York, designers showed lots of fur, below-the-knee skirts, color blocking, capes, and mixed prints.  My favorite collections did not necessarily follow the trends, but were innovators in their own right.  At the top of my list were Oscar de la Renta, Marc Jacobs (always a favorite), and Alexander Wang.


Drawing inspiration from various Middle Eastern cultures, Oscar de la Renta produced a collection so luxe it bordered on couture.  The sumptuous furs, brocades, embroidery, and beading gave each look rich texture.  In true de la Renta form, silhouettes were sophisticated and ladylike, but still contemporary.  His final looks were sleek column gowns rather than his typical ball gowns, and are begging to be worn to the Oscars.


Marc Jacobs is unpredictable.  Two seasons ago, he was bringing back prim '50s styles, last season he showed flowy '70s styles (igniting the '70s craze that has been all over runways), and this season, he presented a fusion of sharp '40s silhouettes and modern sportswear, all rendered in polka dots.  This is his most innovative work in recent seasons.  Like de la Renta, Jacobs really thought about reinventing his textiles.  Rubber was used throughout the collection--as raised polka dots, faux-sequins, berets, and boots.  I am in love with the playful polka dot theme, as well as the polished styling.  Spot on.


Alexander Wang may not be the most visionary designer out there, but he is one of the best at what he does, creating edgy separates for 20-somethings.  His line is notorious for flying off the shelves (especially the accessories), and this season looks to be no exception.  For fall, Wang focused on outerwear and on glamming up his clothes.  He explored hybrids of familiar garments--sweater/silk dresses, taffeta dress/ponchos, and puffer/tuxedo jackets.  His fur-armed sunglasses and metallic loafers are poised to be must-have accessories for fall.

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