Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Style Icon: Taylor Tomasi Hill

Typically, actors and musicians get cited as style icons, in spite of the fact that they have a team of people devoted to creating their image for them.  This hardly seems fair.  For me, fashion editors have celeb status and the most imitable style.  It is the job of fashion editors to be ahead of the style curve, hunting down new designers, interpreting runway looks, and distilling trends in the pages of Vogue, Elle, etc.  I love seeing photos of editors on the street, or at the front row of shows.  One of my all-time favorites (who I have already mentioned here and here) is Marie Claire's accessories editor, Taylor Tomasi Hill.  This woman always gets it right, perfecting unexpected mix of color, print and proportion, and topping it all off with unique accessories and her enviable red hair.  LOVE her.

And, of course, Taylor's wedding was sartorial perfection, and was featured in Martha Stewart Weddings.


  1. I love Taylor Tomasi-Hill! I'm also a big fan of Kate Lanphear, Jenna Lyons, and as much as I hate to admit it, Olivia Palermo (yes, the one from The City.... I can't help it, she has excellent taste!)

  2. Kate Lanphear actually walked right by me when I was at fashion week in September! Unfortunately, I could not get my camera to function in time to snap a photo. She looked amazing in person--very polished.

  3. Ugh, her wedding made me beyond jealous. The location, the dress, the hair, the decor - so perfect.

    But that very center photo you have up there makes me think of the Fifth Element, and she could pass for Milla Jovovich in a pinch - so it's kinda weird.


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