Monday, October 4, 2010

The Time I Went to Talbots

When I received my Vogue September issue, the fabulous face of Linda Evangelista jumped off the pages wearing leopard print in an ad campaign for...wait for it...Talbots.  The ads are evidence of what a great model and photographer can do.  As soon as I laid eyes on Linda working their leopard sheath dress and pea coat, I was hooked.  Seriously, this woman is a goddess!  Suddenly, I forgot everything that I knew about Talbots--the only certainty was that I needed one of their tailored leopard pieces in my life.  I began stalking their website, waiting for them to stock the covetable leopard dress, jacket, and skirt.  Unfortunately, as soon as the items surfaced, they sold out in most sizes.  During my online search, I was hit with another surprise--there was a cape I wanted, and a bag, and hat...could it be that Talbots sells chic clothes now?  Or am I just settling into the style of a conservative middle-aged mom?  I am going to go with the former.

So now I have a Talbots wish list.  You'll understand when you see these beauties.

As for my leopard print conquest, I scored this skirt (one of two left!) from my local Talbots store and I could not be more pleased.


  1. I had a similar experience in Talbots when I went with my mom the other day! I couldn't believe how chic some of their pieces were. And Linda Evangelista? Genius! You need to check out the leopard print flats at Ann Taylor. I saw them in InStyle and bought them immediately. They look adorable with black skinny jeans and even skirts and dresses. I'm treating them like a neutral and wearing them with just about everything!

  2. I must say that the Talbots store I went to still felt very stodgy. I don't think the stores have quite caught up with the new image of their website and ads.

    I just looked up those flats and they are super cute! I love the combination of calf hair and leopard.

  3. Uh that stuff is great. And I love your skirt. I'm def checking it out because I know they're known for their petites.


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